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Originally Posted by tonymac1 View Post
I would probably go with Lm 60s with 255 and 275 then, since i don't want the tires to be too stretched and it seems like LM60 is the only one with these size options.
Yep, you're right, 255 and 275 only comes in LM60s. The consensus around here is pretty much LM60s for snowy winters, or the new PA4s. I've been on a new set of 255/275 LM60s for a few weeks now, and they're decent (for a winter tire).

Oh yes, I must add... You're really going to run 9" and 10.5" HRE wheels for winter?!? Nice! No OEM 220s or 357s lying around? If not, what are your summer wheels, BBS FIs?

The 275 will still look quite stretched on the 10.5" rear. My summer setup is a 285 on a 10.5 wheel, and that's already a bit stretched. Safe travels this winter.