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Originally Posted by MikeE92M3 View Post
I too am having a similar problem, and reading this gives me some more insight. My warranty is up in 2 weeks (2008 M3) and I have only 17k miles on my car. I don't have as much of a squeal, but more so like a slighty humming or vibration/rumble when I come to a stop. Its only if I am at the point where I am at 20-15 mph as I come to a stop. I can't remember when it started doing this. Granted, the car stops perfectly fine, its just something that, not only is it heard, but it is felt, as well.

I have an appointment set for Tuesday and I am gonna telll them to check the entire car with a fine toothed comb and fix anything that needs to be fixed.
I don't have that issue. Just a minor squeal when coming to a stop. It happens when the car is slowing don from 10 mph to a stop. It is embarrassing more than anything else. Not a big deal though. I figured since it was still in warranty I could save myself the trouble of diagnosing it. Now that the dealer refuses to help I'll just remove the pads, look for any uneven wear, lightly wire brush the surface and put it back. Hopefully hat ages car of it