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Originally Posted by silvergray545 View Post
I love the 575M. It's such a classy looking Ferrari. Technology has advanced quite a bit since 2005 so I'm not surprised that you weren't mind blown. Jump in a 599, F430 or 458 and then you'll get what you were expecting.
Funny thing, he bought the 575 to have a more laid back driving car. His other Ferrari is an F430 and he said it's not that great for getting around town. He compared them to girlfriends -- the 575M is like the experienced and matured 30 y/o while the 430 is like a 19 y/o wild child. It's gotten a lot colder here lately so it will probably be Spring before I get to see or drive the 430.

On a side note, I really should have been a Cardiologists. You can always find their cars in the garage. One little section that goes Porsche turbo S, Porsche turbo, BMW Alpina, BMW M3, Merc, Viper, Porsche, etc...