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I dont skimp on glass. Lenses seem to hold up much longer than bodies. That being said.. I'm spoiled by L glass and wouldnt go back. the 50 and 60mm canon 'Macros' are ok, but as the previous poster said, they are too far. Also check what the actual magnification is on the lens! Also dont believe the 'kit' lenses that say they are 'macro'.. they arent.

On the canon, the best way to go for macro is the 100mm f2.8L IS. It is a BRILLIANT piece of glass. It also doubles nicely as a portrait and mild telephoto when you're not shooting macro. It IS my favorite of all the lenses I have and the list of that is long and full of L series glass.

The non L version is good too, but you lose the IS and some of the image quality.