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E9x M3 Meisterschaft Super GT (ULW) Track Edition

Our Meisterschaft engineers developed the "must have" exhaust for all track junkies, the Super GT (ULW) Track Edition!

The Super GT exhaust system is designed and tuned to provide maximum performance gain while maintaining a rich powerful performance tone. The Super GT has the largest piping diameter available on the market. The Super GT was built to provide significant weight savings, reduce backpressure as well as heat build-up.

When compared to other Meisterschaft exhaust systems for the E9x M3, the Super GT Track Edition is just as loud as the GT2 Racing exhaust system, but it has a deeper throatier exhaust note. With the Section 1 LX Pipe installed, the Super GT will be significantly louder than the GT2 Racing exhaust for the BMW M3.

Weight Comparison

Our engineers have designed the Super GT (ULW) Track Edition exhaust system to weigh significantly less than the stock exhaust. When we compared our Meisterschaft E9x M3 Super GT to the E92 M3 stock exhaust, the numbers proved weight savings of 40%. Refer to the table below.

Weight Comparison (lbs)
Section 2+3
Stock E92 Exhaust
Super GT (ULW) Track Edition
Total Weight Savings
-22.6lbs(40% reduced weight)

Tip Style

Meisterschaft offers 4x83mm (Round Split) quad tips for all Super GT (ULW) Track Edition exhaust systems for the BMW E9x M3

Exhaust Photos and Gallery:

Each Super GT (ULW) Track Edition exhaust system for the E9x M3 includes our optional SR Pipe (Section 2). The SR pipe serves as a connecting pipe. With the addition of the LX pipe, the Super GT (ULW) Track Edition is a complete cat-back exhaust system for your BMW M3 (shown below).

BMW E92 M3 w/ Meisterschaft Super GT Exhaust