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Originally Posted by MikeE92M3 View Post
I think this describes it perfectly. I also have painted calipers (yellow) but the paint job was exceptional and does not come in contact with any moving parts. Hope the dealer doesn't "blame" this on the vibration. I read that there is a law that states, bluntly put, that if the rotor is warped, they cant blame it on a painted caliper.

This sounds intriguing. I KNOW a car is supposed to have smooth braking, but this just feels different to me.

Will the dealer replace the rotors, you think?

Thanks for the help! OP, glad you posted this.
They replaced my front pads and rotors when I came in with that issue, even though the car only had 10K miles on it and I told them that it started happening after a track weekend. I suspected uneven pad deposits since I keep reading that true warped rotors are incredibly rare (StopTech has a great article on that, actually), but the dealer said they measured the rotors and found them slightly warped. Anyway, I was really happy they took care of it because a new set of front pads and rotors would have been $$$.

I later learned that uneven pad deposit issues will occasionally go away after 6 weeks of light driving (when the pads are cold enough to scrape pad deposits off the rotors rather than add more), but I had only waited 4 weeks before taking it in, so it might have taken care of itself. But I still switched to different pads even though that meant giving up the Ultimate Service pad benefit because I knew the dealer wouldn't keep replacing pads and rotors for me, and I definitely didn't want to be buying new pads and rotors after every track weekend -- plus that wouldn't have solved the brake fade issue. First track weekend on the new pads and no vibration issues afterward.
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