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Originally Posted by Templar View Post
I have two 500GB hard drives in my current desktop that I would probably transfer over. They are both new, since about 4 months ago one of my old ones crashed and I started over (had it setup in a RAID from when I bought it). I planned on using those as extra storage. Not sure if I really need to drop any more money on another drive since I have a few available, although another $50 isn't a big deal.

Thanks for the input!
I would stick with that, and raid them up again. I have the Samsung 830 SSD also, and it is a very good drive. You could probably wait and catch that on sale. I picked it up for 60, Samsung is coming(came?) out with a new SSD to replace this one, so retailers will be unloading these. Here is a guide to get your windows PC optimized for the SSD, it is a pretty good starting point. Also the Samsung SSD comes with a optimizer disc, it also helps and is very easy to use.