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Originally Posted by dsm918 View Post
So I have a week left for my factory warranty to run out and I noticed the brakes make a mild squealing noise just before coming to a complete stop. It only happens right before the car stops. Not a big deal but it annoying nonetheless. So I took it to my local dealership and they changed the rear brake pads claiming the rear brake sensor was responsible for the squeal even though I told them it seemed to be coming from the front. I picked up the car yesterday and sure enough, the noise is still there

I called the SA today and this was her response:

We have already changed the rear brake pads and if you want to change the front ones, you will have to pay out of pocket because BMW will not cover it as the brake pads are still within specThat is by far the dumbest explanation I have received. So I asked her again what that had to do anything with the squeal and she said that's the best they could offer since the front pads are practically new.

Makes no frickin' sense
Originally Posted by dsm918 View Post
Ummmm, think you misunderstood. Rear pads had to be changed because they were thinner (under spec) so getting them free under warranty is not anything exceptional. You make it sound like I am looking for freebees here I did explain to them that I want them to take care of the squeal. I never asked them to change the front pads but common sense would dictate that they should first change the front pads to see if it goes away before they start diagnosing the other more expensive components. What pissed me off was that they were not interested in finding out the cause assuming it could only be the pads which they did not want to cover under warranty.

Read above please

Guess that'll work but not the most pleasant ride I would say

not always; not uncommon for a rear pad to be changed prior; weird i know, but I don't get the rant. If the pads are w/in spec they won't change em, why should it be assumed they should change em first. Welcome to the world of BMW maintenance; if this is the worst that happens good, otherwise you'll be making a lot of these whiny rants