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Originally Posted by mightyaa View Post
Well I was running the Blizzack LM60's on my 19" wheels. 255/35/19 front, 265/35/19 rear... Wasn't in love with them. Squirrely in corners (plow), and starting off on a incline wasn't a 'happy' experience sometimes requiring getting a run at it. Basically, confidence wasn't inspired.

Burned out the rears, and the 265's Blizzacks aren't available anymore. Rather than go wider, I'm getting:
Michelin's Artic Alpin PA4's 255/35/19's on the front and moving the front Blizzack's above to the rear. When those rear ones burn out again... Hopefully Michelin will have more sizes or I'll just go with a square setup.

I do run 275's on my summer setup. Not lowered or anything though.
The 265s LM-60 are still available, I bought a set yesterday from Tirerack!