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Originally Posted by Vanity View Post
When you're up on a trade, especially buy-and-hold investments, put a stop loss somewhere in your profits where you'd be more than happy to sell and forget there was even anymore where that came from. Ex. If you had purchased AAPL at 400 and rode it to 700, a stop loss at 650 quite honestly offsets whatever loss you take on the last $50. Just forget about it.

As for the markets, I think we might be in to take out 1325 or rebound sharply since we are so oversold, I just dont know the order. I am fairly positive this is the start of something nasty though. My advice for AAPL is liquidate 50% if you believe it might drop more, allowing you to average down later if it does. And if it doesn't, you still have 50% skin in the game to average in with. Maybe look into dividend stocks. At least if you took a -30% hit, it'd hurt less with a 7% dividend.

Aside from that, where are my traders at? Long time. Today I had a great run. it was a down day so VXX returned +0.89%. I managed to micro-trade that gain into a +3.51% day. Not bad! 4x outperformed the underlying vehicle. Not sure what's gonna happen these days so I'm always position neutral into the close. It allows me to not stay up at night or give a damn what the futures are gonna do. Working wonders on my sleep cycle!
Welcome back sir, I also have been taking the day trader route. Have been really busy with my school work though have been out of trading since august. Recently picked up again a day or so right after the election. I am back to my same old day trading options strategy and couldnt be happier with it made 5% today morning off a small investment.. Day trading is definitely to the way to go in this market, its all over the place. But it has been maintaining a relatively stable cycle where from opening until around 7-7:30am PST we are up, than down until 8:30-9 and than slowly pick back up.

besides trading how's everyone been!
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