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The guy was probably just being sarcastic and corny.

Was this an E90 or F30 he was driving? If the latter, he may be referring to the fact that the F80 M3 will use a 3L turbo I6 just like the F30 335i, so he may feel overly proud and/or confident in the fact that he already has, in his mind - effectively - a new M3 a year+ before they will hit the market.

In any case, he obviously does not have a real M3, he is just betting his car will be as capable as one. Of course, we know that the next M3 will be more than a tuned up N55 and lowered suspension, but let's not let that burst his ignorantly-blissful bubble.

He is probably a member, but I wouldn't necessarily expect him to chime in on this thread.
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