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Where are you M35 guy?!?!

This morning at the gas station a guy pulled up next to me in an "M35" with a loud quad exhaust and BBS-LM. He told me to get rid of my clunker M (?) and get his car which he referred to as the new M3. He started talking about how it had 450hp and 500hp with M settings and that it makes his old e92 feel like Hyundai. I asked him why there was a 5 next to the 3 and he said that it was because it has the same technology as the new M5 (something about shared engine mapping and tuning). The thing is he had an sticker on the rear window so he has to be on here. Where are you M35 guy? I have more questions to ask you. Why didn't you let me take a picture of your new M3?

I should also mention that it had a weird looking front bumper. Never seen anything like it before. Who knows maybe he does have the new M3?