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Originally Posted by Mike Benvo View Post
Pointless to go from 220E to 231E or 240E unless its part of a tune.

Waste of money. 220E is not even really that old. Today I updated two cars from 80E software, that's old and worth it in that case. Other than that all of you should not be fooled by sales gimmicks. If you're 190E or above I wouldn't even bother. If someone wants to offer me a dyno I will flash every version from the inception of e9x m3 to prove it - over 10 versions. Then you will see the truth. If you don't believe me ask Sal at eVolve also. We've had long discussions about this 'smoke and mirrors'.
Myself and Mike have been communicating on this matter for quite some time now as he knows we dyno test E9x M3's regularly.

Quite frankly, we just don't understand where these huge gains come from.

We only saw a handful of cars with something as old as 80E (even had one 60E). The gains were minimal.

Going from anything like 140E-220E > 231E made absolutely no difference at all.

Well.. it could if you don't log the variables ...

The testing procedure includes us making sure the older software is given a chance to perform with as low as possible IAT's and allowing using the dyno test with the stabilised ignition advance.
Then load in the update and we see now higher ignition advance being achieved.

So this is with respect to properly controlled dyno testing for power.

We are also gaining the same power once tuning and exhausts are done on earlier versions as late versions.

At one point we thought it might be the USA software being different but this proved to be incorrect.

Many many evolve-R customers have had this update and every time I am asked if the power will be increased my response is the same. Apparently it does but we have not seen enough evidence to say it's definite.

However, nothing wrong with having the latest SW... especially if its free of charge.