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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Just to be picky (and without having driven the thing), but here are the 3 things that would make me definetely consider a Cayman S.

1. Base 911 engine (although the GT3 engine would be nice, but realistically speaking).
2. LSD
3. Reworking of the rear lights/end. I sometimes think that it actually kind looks like the front of the car. (Looks great from just about any other angle)
If PAG would do the first two things you requested, the choice for me and many other enthusiast would be way to easy. In addition, the Cayman would kill the Carrera and the Carrera would be no more. The Carrera has a great Chassis but IMO the Cayman has best Chassis on the planet, minus the motor. PAG will never put the base 997 engine in the Cayman. It would be like BMW putting the V10 in the M3, meaning the end of the M5. I have stated elsewhere the Cayman is so good it doesn't need an LSD near as bad as say the 335/M3. There are spy shots of the upcoming facelift on the web for reference. From my stand point, the Cayman is such a great a drivers car that with the expected DFI to bump up power and mileage this may easily outweigh the bargain of the M3. The Cayman has also shown to be reliable. I know you are weary of independent tests but as an FYI, J.D. Power rated the Cayman S highest in it's class for initial quality. As they say, you just have to drive one to really appreciate it's driving prowess and virtues.