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Originally Posted by Alekshop View Post
The sway bars don't make that type of noise that CPs make. The sway bars on m3 have a positioning point for bushings so it's hard to screw that up ... yes you do need to use special grease and tape to make sway-bars quite and lubricated but it's a different issue ...

How many track day have you had with GC plates ?

You can torque it to 18 lbf-in but GC calls to torque it to 18 ft/lbs, but the most important issue is that even if the stud is still in place, the actual plate gets bent and you can't see it unless you remove the CP from the car and compare to the new plate.

Oops...typo - I did/do torque to 18 lbf-ft

I made a comment about the sway bar noise because I've never heard a single noise coming from any of the GC "street" plates I've used/installed. Yes, I know the difference between noises caused by camber plates and sway bars/end links.

Number of track days may increase the probability of a bolt failure; however, the combined axial-bending-torque/shear loading applied to the bolts while installing the front strut is much worse than the loading the clamped-up and preloaded strut bolts will be subjected to once installed - the installed plate and bolts act like two "springs in parallel", and the load sharing between the bolts and plate is a function of their relative bolt-to-joint stiffness ratio.