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Originally Posted by BMW E90 View Post
My brother is thinking about buying a Mac (switching from pc) and was asking for my opinion. I'll admit that I don't know much about Apple laptops but advised him that the Air is mainly for portability because it's thin and light. If he wants performace he should get the Pro. Keep in mind he's a college student so getting the top of the line laptop isnt an option. With that said what should he go with?
If you don't need the storage space or DVD drive, the air is a better choice. It's SSD bases (vs HD for the pro) so everything is absurdly faster. Booting up takes 1/8th the time, programs launch in 1/4 the time, etc.

The ONLY thing the pro does faster is processor intensive things. E.G. encoding video. For every real life, computer use situation, the air is significantly, noticeably faster.

If you've ever upgraded a computer from HD to SSD, you'll know exactly the difference I'm talking about. Once you've gone to an SSD, non SSD computers feel broken.