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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
The frustrating thing is the Cayman Chassis could easily handle the 3.6 litre from the GT3 rated at 415 hp and 115.3 horses per litre. Problem is the Cayman chassis is so good it has to by hampererd by PAG by giving it a significantly inferior motor and no LSD to prevent the iconic rear engined Carrera from becoming a distant memory.
Just to be picky (and without having driven the thing), but here are the 3 things that would make me definetely consider a Cayman S.

1. Base 911 engine (although the GT3 engine would be nice, but realistically speaking).
2. LSD
3. Reworking of the rear lights/end. I sometimes think that it actually kind looks like the front of the car. (Looks great from just about any other angle)