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Originally Posted by Car54 View Post
Can the helper be installed at the top?
The issue is not where the helper is (it actually comes at the top from KW), the issue is the total length of the spring + helper which could interfere with the wheel/tire.

Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
Interesting. The front is already too stiff relative to the rear though (the pound rate went up way more in front than rear, compared to stock). I guess if I ran the 140mm spring with the helper that would also eliminate the issue. I run clubsports.
Don't forget leverage. The spring in the rear is seated inboard, so the effective spring rate at the wheel is much less than the indicated spring rate.

The conventional knowledge is to soften the front if you have understeer. Unfortunately as you can see from the flow chart, the actual process is a lot more complex.

Also, when you increase the rate in the front, you will need to match the rear spring with it. Try the 520F/800R rate first with a squared set up. You should like the balance much more.
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