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Originally Posted by bchang2001 View Post
So I took the plunge and drove 2 hrs down to SD to purchase the zcp set today. Met up with seller and took a look at the rims. I only saw 2 rims but they were in great condition. The issue was the tires. The fronts had 8/32 with a bit of camber wear. The rears however had worse wear. The outside was 7/32 and the inside was under 5/32. He stated that there was only 2k miles on the tires, which was hard to believe given the threads. We had a local discount tire verify tread too. These would have been a great deal if they were as stated in the first post. Also his cousin was very confrontational and recommend seller to not bring him if meeting prospective buyers. He made the situation worse.
Again, I apologize...

I am not a used tire salesman. I am just a guy trying to clean out my garage and give someone a great deal on a relatively new set of wheels and tires. The photos are real pics of the wheels, and those were the reading from my cheap digital gauge. I am not trying to fool any one... that is why I dont want to ship them.

My brother was angry because... he hates when someone negotiates a really good price over the phone, then comes out and try to get more $$$ off.

Again, disregard my pics of the 9 and 8 readings. ... hell, call it 5 and 6's

$2,200 ... for a serious buyer...