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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Yep, the Cayman is really light. It actually turns out the Cayman S is not all that underpowered (see below for curb weight/hp numbers). If the price difference between a similarly equipped M3 and Cayman S is more than $15k, the Cayman S starts making sense. Otherwise, I'd most likely still go with the M3, but gotta drive both first!

CaymanS 10.01
911 9.74
911S 9.06
E46 M3 10.26
E92 M3 8.70 (based on a 3600lbs curb weight estimate)
The frustrating thing is the Cayman Chassis could easily handle the 3.6 litre from the GT3 rated at 415 hp and 115.3 horses per litre. Problem is the Cayman chassis is so good it has to by hampererd by PAG by giving it a significantly inferior motor and no LSD to prevent the iconic rear engined Carrera from becoming a distant memory.