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I remember you from the Roadfly days and it seems like we were having this same debate over the PS2, S03, F1GSD3 back in 04. Dave01M3 Dave04M3 lol...

The conventional wisdom is go with what is known to be good from objective tests and subjective reviews, the PSS.

I don't see the point in trying the Vredestien latest tires when you have PSS for mixed street performance driving and Conti DW for good ride/good wet, the RS3/AD08/RE11A for HPDE use. It took Vredestein a while to match the performance of the original PS2 with the Sessanta. I doubt they've come up with a PSS killer with their newest tire just yet.

Since tires are the only part of the car that touch the road, I say always get the best money can buy. The uniformity standards and quality of Michelin puts them at the top of the heap for me for performance street driving. I run PS2's for normal driving and PSS's when I want some more grip. thinking about replacing PS2's with Conti DW's for my street wheels since the PS2's are discontinued and the PSS XL sidewall is a little rough for the broken norcal pavement.

I know you've probably thought about this but to digress to another topic, you're running 285/30's which I would never do; shorter diameter than stock throws off speedo and records more miles. I really can't think of a reason to do it when bump compliance is already so marginal with 19's and a 35 profile tire to begin with. (Crappy Cali roads)
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