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Originally Posted by Tuner1 View Post
I just found your review.

My only question is....if you did the TMS solid subframe and diff mounts at the same time how can you be sure that the subframe mounts added "No discernible difference from rubber to delrin with regards to NVH."?
Maybe I didn't understand your post correctly and the upgrades were done in stages?
The upgrades were done together. The biggest contributor to noise were the diff bushings, as they do not muffle the whining of the diff gears, and the noise is directly transmitted into the rear of the cabin. From my review, I did not notice any increase in NVH from the subframe bushings. It might be because the noise is blended among the other upgrades, or there might no be any noise at all from the subframe bushings.

The noise has died down quite a bit since the upgrades were done. It might also be I have gotten used to it but I can still hold a conversation at normal voice level.
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