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Damn what a waste of money

These so called business men trick us with BS marketing. Poor products with outrageous prices and their major concern is taking your money to produce an item that initialy cost them pennies.. If this is how a modern day bussiness is conducted then no wonder our economy is sh*t.

With that said I'll be intsalling one of their hoods on our e90 next week yeah I hope it doesnt fit like yours but then again we purchased it second-hand for less then half price so chances are it might be worse.

Good luck on the refund, they should honor your request if they wish to continue being sponsors. Maybe throw in a free diffuser wait nevermind that fits like sh*t too.

looks like their best bet is going out of business.. half price sale anyone??

My appologies for the rant, just fed up with less then mediocre products from "enthusiast" companies.. I've seen horrible fitment from vorsteiner so this could be an improper batch of early molds or something else they might tell you when deciding to refund, yet the benifit of the doubt is this isnt the proper way to conduct business.

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