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Originally Posted by ruff View Post
I am telling you, and this is coming from a hardcore M fan, I was susprised at how much the Cayman S raises bar in regards to the total driving experience. Sitting in the cockpit is like wearing a fine italian glove. No car will make you look like a professional driver more than this car. With the mid engine design and weighing in at a feather weight 2976 lbs it doesn't take a MIT Grad to see the handling limits are crazy high. IMO, It is probably the easiest car on the planet to to drive really fast. And you rarely hear Cayman enthusiasts cry out for DCT tranny. The 6 MT in the car is so good I would never consider it with any other transmission. This is one car where you want all the driving involvement you can get. That being said, PAG makes BMW look like a charity organization. Everything is a cost option including Bi-Xenon. The problem with the Cayman, at this point, is they are over priced, take a big depreciation hit, and are egregiously underpowered, especially considering the world class chassis it rides on. The M is a fat pig but is going to be a bargain by comparison and it comes with a Ferrari like motor as a no cost option. Now if they will just base price it in the mid 50s. Anything higher and the Cayman S may be too addictive to stay away from.
Yep, the Cayman is really light. It actually turns out the Cayman S is not all that underpowered (see below for curb weight/hp numbers). If the price difference between a similarly equipped M3 and Cayman S is more than $15k, the Cayman S starts making sense. Otherwise, I'd most likely still go with the M3, but gotta drive both first!

CaymanS 10.01
911 9.74
911S 9.06
E46 M3 10.26
E92 M3 8.70 (based on a 3600lbs curb weight estimate)