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Originally Posted by grimlock View Post
So seller has the highest post count here I've seen but there is no evidence that the light was fully working when sent, but nor is there evidence to the contrary, so it's a who-said scenario.
Both parties appear to want a 'fair' resolution so I guess you guys can mash it out here as you prefer.

Normally when I deal, I check everything 100% before I send, with evidence, if something goes wrong or the buyer is shady then there is back-up.
Otherwise it's just down to can you get your money back through paypal and FU to the other guy, because nobody knows who is shady or not or whether damage occured in shipping, if the led was already out before shipping or was damaged by the buyer on installation.
It is kind of hard to prove that the light was working to begin with. Just because there was a picture of the light working perfectly fine means nothing because the seller could easily swap out the working one with a broken one. The only legitimate evidence is to have a 3rd party witness that the lights were working and have them ship it out to the buyer personally.