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Originally Posted by kishg View Post
+10 on the cayman s handling and drive. btw, cayman s can be had for significant discounts under msrp so i'm not sure it is overpriced. it's a great car. btw, lsd swap into a cayman s is quite a common mod. look on for more details.
I believe I have seen your posts over at the Cayman Club. It's good to see you put in a good word for the vaunted M. It gets some respect there but not nearly enough. I believe the Cayman can get away without an LSD better than any other car because of it's other world chassis. However, it's shame it isn't included, considering the steep price. I am waiting for DFI and the facelift before making any final decisions. Interestingly, the only car that looks like it will be able to compete with the Vette in regards to dollar to performance ratio is the Skyline GTR.