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Thumbs down ARKYM - don't EVER try to fool a customer. BUYER BEWARE

I'm furious with this joke of a company right now.

1) Order my hood from PYSpeed.
2) Very bad fitment and sizing on the hood.
3) PYSpeed shifts me over to Arkym directly as they can't do anything about it, supposedly.
4) They claim that they won't do anything but after going to about 5+ different shops that all said the quality sucked, Arkym finally listened and said they would make me another one.
5) They kept me sweet for a while and then said 'okay, the hood is finished, now we just need to get it test fitted... BUT oh wait a couple days later, their FO E92 is going around the country to shows I've never even heard of. They tell me they will look for people who can come in and allow them to test fit.
5.5) I find somebody on this board that agrees to leave his car at Arkym's facility for a day so they can test fit the hood to show 'great' fitment. He's actually a sponsor on here that 90+% of you will know and TRUST.
6) Now Arkym says leave the car for 3/4 days and we'll get around to it, obviously me and the board member were both pissed but what can you do.
7) Month or so later, their E92 is FINALLY coming back to the shop before it gets 'rushed' out to SEMA. At the same time they offer me a 'free' PDC bumper but I have to pay the $300+ shipping fee (PYSpeed quote). Paint I can understand but I'm not paying shipping for something I don't even need so I declined.
8) A few days before SEMA they tell me the car is coming in the next day and I ask for pictures of the install etc just so I can show to my shop guys so they can get the 'adjustments' perfected. They reply with I have forwarded your concerns to our head tech and he will 'see what he can do'.
9) SEMA starts, I e-mail, get a reply the next day from some muppet they left in charge saying my questions will be addressed when they get back at the end of the week. (Shouldn't these people in a company be up to date in case customers like me call?) Well since they've been back, unless SEMA is still going on? (JOKE) I have sent about 4 or 5 emails and haven't received a single reply.
10) I'm headed to San Jose on the 28th-3rd. I will catch a flight or drive to Irvine if I have to (I heard it's 6 hours away?) but I am not going to let them get away with this.


11) We all know somebody from Arkym is gonna make an account and try to fix everything. Right now I couldn't give a crap. I don't even want a CF hood anymore, I want a REFUND, and I want an OEM one + Jet Black paint. (PM me if you've got one in 9.5/10 condition)

Yes I cut it down quite a fair bit but those are the main points I wanted to highlight.


Here's some pictures and I originally ordered the hood either the last week of June or the first week of July. No stupid comments about oh they don't fit 100% because this isn't even 50% in my book and I have seen these installed properly from companies like iND and EAS. It's just this one doesn't have proper sizing or fitment or finishing around the edges.

Finally; I am SICK AND TIRED of my M3 looking like a JDM conversion gone wrong.