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Can somebody tell me how long it takes for a tech to find out what firmware my car has and how difficult it is please..

I was at the dealer a couple days ago for my 50k service, I asked the 'head advisor' (he was only about 25 lol, not that age matters but I have dealt with all the staff on that side and they all are more knowledgeable than him) and he made a big fuss saying oh what does it do, oh you don't need it, oh they only have upgraded firmwares when there's a recall and I called him on every one and then he told me he'd go check but never came back to me lol. Time wise I ask because he said I'd need to leave my car in for a day or two with no guarantee my DME won't crash and on top of that even if I just wanted to FIND OUT what firmware I HAVE I still would have had to leave it for a day.

Actually, to be quite honest, he was so rude I will be filing a complaint.