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Originally Posted by Kevin@EDC View Post
Hey guys.

One of those long time lurkers first time posters. I am getting ready to purchase my M3 pretty soon and I am running into second thoughts and looking for feedback.

I was originally planning on placing an order for an Individual E92 M3 with European Delivery around Jan 2013 and pick up around May 2013 for my honeymoon (Yes, she's totally down for it). The only reason why I would have second thoughts about this is because the newer M3 is coming out ( which I kinda don't want ) and I would be paying a premium for a car that would soon be outdated.


I could pick up a lightly used, good condition e90/e92 M3 now and enjoy it without the wait.

I am leaning towards the ED/Individual option but curious to see the feedback..what would you do?
The newer M3 still won't arrive for some time. Get the E9X M3.