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Originally Posted by Templar
I suggest looking around and finding something easy to work with. Save the hard stuff for the major details. It should smell good too IMO, just makes it nice to work with something that smells good

For the harder stuff, I use AF Desire. A little tough to work with, but it pays off and it smells incredible. You need to be careful not to apply too much and don't let it sit too long before buffing. If you do, it'll be a pain to get off. Auto Finesse also offers some lower level waxes that are easier to work with, and also smell great. Desire is more along the lines of a major detailing project though, mainly because of its price.

Find Desire here: You can also search for their other waxes (Passion, Soul, Spirit, Temptation)

I have also used P21S:

P21S is very easy to use, but has no smells or anything.

Personally, I am more of a fan of sealants instead of waxes. They last a little longer, and are usually very easy to apply and work with. I have used Auto Finesse's Tough Coat extensively, and I love every bit of it. I used it on my truck months ago, and it's still going strong (I still get pretty good beading when it rains).

Some people will probably throw in the obligatory Swissvax reply, but if you're looking for something simple and cheap I would steer away. Swissvax does wonders, it really does, but at a high price tag. It's best to save the Swissvax for the major details if you're going to fork over that kind of cash.
"Smell good" i though you were kidding at first.