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Originally Posted by smohr33 View Post
So when the Bush era tax cuts expire, capital gains of $400,000 and up should be taxed at 40%?????? Do you have any idea how crippling that is??
if its crippling then change the tax rate, simple as that
i just think it's unfair that income is treated differently
we can't just keep extending the bush tax cuts
if they make sense then chage the tax law so it's not a temporary cut
but a permenant rate

as for the 40% rate
i am taxed at 40% on my annual bonus, but only 22% on my salary
is that fair?
never understood why my bonus is taxed at a higher rate than my salary

bottom line is the tax system is not fair
it needs major corrections
and i don't just mean raise taxes on the rich.
but more of a realignment, cut some silly loopholes, simplify it.

you want to give tax breaks then it should be for where you invest your money, not how
so if you choose to invest in the stock market, you don't get a break
but if you choose to hire people, or reduce energy usage etc
then you get a break