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Originally Posted by DLSJ5 View Post
I agree with you and totally understood what you were saying. FWIW I'd never add Turbo's to this car, for a few reasons, not to mention it's difficult enough putting the power down with a SC lol, and you're asking for a SLEW of problems along the way if you go that route. If you want big power, then go AWD otherwise it's almost pointless, last weekend at the event was a huge demonstration of that fact.
I dunno, everyone seems to be into the 1/2 and full mile events now that go from rolling starts and IMO at least this is def. a disadvantage to AWD once the car is moving upstairs. From a dig, 1/4 mile, stoplight to stoplight I think AWD is hard to beat. I was cutting 1.5 60 fts in a 300hp AWD car. Either way, you're car is moving, congrats!