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Originally Posted by sycd View Post
Sounds exciting but I don't feel like i have the skills right now and Would be afraid of crashing my car.

Only way I would do it would be to learn with formal instructor first and then insure myself if I drive my own car. How much would that cost in addition to my current insurance?

Another problem is that I live in the boonies and would have to drive about 500 miles to the closest track where I could do this, so very time consuming as well in addition to job and parent responsibilities.
You won't ever have the skills to drive on the track until you start. Unless you're just starting out driving in general, more time driving on the road won't prepare you any better for the track. That's what the instructors are for.

You'll definitely have an instructor first, for your benefit and that of everyone around you. Track day/weekend events always have an instructor riding shotgun with you 100% of the time giving you immediate feedback on your driving until you get solo-qualified; if you ever see "open track day", those typically REQUIRE you to have become solo-qualified because those usually don't have instructors available, so that's not what you want starting out. Having an instructor with you definitely helps you relax and you learn a lot very quickly.

The cost of insurance varies based on carrier and the stated-value coverage amount you want for your car, but if you search Lockton HPDE insurance you can get an instant quote on their site.

Being afraid of crashing is precisely what will likely prevent you from crashing. The people who go out thinking they're world-class racing drivers on their first time out (or who turn DSC off because "that's what you're supposed to do on the track" without adjusting their driving style accordingly) are the people who tend to have trouble. Like I said earlier, excited trepidation is the perfect mindset for coming to the track your first time.

500 miles is definitely a long way to go even for a full-weekend event. It's pretty sweet though!
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