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Originally Posted by tbone28 View Post
Thank you

Got your PM and checked your website, but it's not set up for 2013 M3's yet. So I tried 2012, but couldn't find any interior parts.

Looked up part numbers on, and found these. Can you help me out and confirm if these are the correct numbers and/or if I'm missing any parts needed?

Goal is to convert as much plastic on the interior into leather (Black)

Center console: 51167974897
Glove Box: 51167961452
Dash w/ Navigation: 51457979106. The picture for this part number shows the entire dash. Does this convert both upper and lower portions of dash to leather?
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Originally Posted by koxal View Post
also i am interested in purchasing a roof rack and 2 bicycle racks for f10 m5... thanks..
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PMed you for a quote. ty
I didn't receive a PM in my inbox. I'll send you one right now though.