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Originally Posted by JasonCSU View Post
I would agree that it doesn't seem like the right time financially to buy a home for him. If he doesn't save very much, would he even have the 3.5% required for an FHA loan? There are also other potential costs to factor in such as a home inspection, closing costs, and moving costs. He may also have to buy appliances as not all places have a refrigerator or washer and dryer. These are some of the costs people don't necessarily think of when they start shopping for a house.

It would probably be best for them to wait until she finishes school and finds a job. Once that happens, it will improve their debt to income ratio which will allow them to save more for a house.
Yeah I told him about these things and what Media said, but he is determined to buy a place... even thought about moving out of state. I wish he would look at the bigger picture besides just owning a place... he's had a questionable credit history too.

He's renting in a relatively wealthy area so that his kid can grow up in a good neighborhood, but that just brings up more red flags itself.
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