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Originally Posted by S65NAPWR View Post
not sure if that's true, unless you've seen it on the forum somewhere. The cooler temperatures can cause the air in your tires to contract and thus make your tire pressure fluctuate (affect TPMS). I've seen it drop 3 psi easily.
right. when the weather starts to get a lot colder, tpms starts to act up. this is true for the frontier forums i'm on as well. most of the time people complain about the tpm system light on for nothing, but every once in a while, someone drives around with a tire falling off the rim and blames the tpms because it was on for a few days and they thought it was just acting up as it does when the temperature starts to cool down...
there is an element of personal responsibility (i.e., actually checking the tire pressure) that can't be ignored just because someone has tpms.