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Originally Posted by ///Mperative View Post
BMW will only cover it if you're still under warranty. I assume your car is out of warranty?
Yep, I'm out of warranty. I do have a service plan that's still good but that won't help. Talked to the dealer today and they said that BMW won't do even "good will" warranties after the car is over 3 years old.

However I live in Finland and we have this law protecting the consumers and it considers different parts of the car having to withstand a certain period of time before breaking before it's completely the users problem. For example if my engine was to break after 60k miles with good maintenance, the law would consider that normally an engine should be good for 120k miles so the dealer has to cover at least part of the costs.

So, according to this I don't consider a CAS Unit that is not considered a "wearing part" something that would break on a 4 year old car.

I'd still appreciate input on if there are alternate ways to fix this. According to the dealer they get non-responsive CAS units relatively often though. Also they said they will order the CAS unit anyway to have one in stock even if I don't have it changed on my car. So I take it that the CAS Unit is not car or VIN specific.