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i hate tailgaters. i think i'm one too unfortunately but i try to remind myself i'm not on a racetrack all the time. i get mixed results.

tailgating is not localized to US i found though. germans love doing it too. my particular pet peeve is passing slower traffic on unlimited sections of autobahn and then when i do get to a reduced speed zone i always get at least one car on my bumper. i move over to let him go by and then when the speed limit is removed i end up having to wait to pass him again. maybe i'm a bit biased, but its 90% a driver in a black audi wagon too.

Luis, what you doing Thanksgiving weekend? want to go to the ring? GP track is open! forecast is sunny and 6C
"It gave you amazing satisfaction, but anyone who says he loved it is either a liar or he wasn't going fast enough." - Jackie Stewart on racing at the Nurburgring