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70% of all accidents/incidents at VIR resulting in auto or track damage occur between 5 and 6a. Weight transfer is the main enemy, man handling the car instead of focusing on smooth inputs. Once the car begins to take matters into its own will, recovery room is almost non existant, thus you have the choice of armco, or tires. Neither are nice. When wet, a surface coating placed on the track a couple of years ago contributes to the poor adhesion, coming into effect when the car is at maxium load to one side and unloading to the other. The next time you are at VIR, take time to study the track surface when transiting these turns and note the skid marks that begin at 5 and continue off and on all the way to the bridge straight. Pay particularly attention to where they are heading, then let your imigation be your guide. I always warn students about this being a place to pay.

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