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Originally Posted by Inzane View Post
Wow... ALL of them? You grinded through even the shittiest guns? How did you endure most of the shotguns for that long?

It seemed to take forever to get my first gold gun, which was the M4A1. It took me from beginning to about level 55. The ACR, my 2nd gold, went quicker. From 55 to level 80, and got gold right after. However, I obviously improved a bit too in that time so the 750+ kills must've come easier. (The PP90 and SCAR are next, and after that maybe the MP7).
Some of the shotguns took a LOOOOONG time. Initially the pump guns (KSG, SPAS, 1887) seem so difficult to get kills with. But you get used to it. The 1887 cycles so slowly, you can't miss or you're dead. But I forget at what level you get Range (helps) or Damage (really helps!). The AA12 took awhile too, because you have to run Specialist with Scavenger. Once you get Range (and/or Damage) plus extended Mags with the AA12, it goes a little easier. Obviously the Stryker with Damage is ridiculous, and I only break that class out when someone on the other team is using it.

I really don't care for the Type 95. I also really don't care for the guys using the MK14 with a modded controller that makes it full auto. That's cheating.

The MP7 is a beast. Run it with Kick and Silencer and you should be good. Skip Rapid Fire on it, not needed. Also, if you run the LMGs, they really benefit from the Thermal sight (damn near zero recoil.) I usually run Kick plus Thermal on the LMGs, except for the M60. It shoots so slowly it seems that I run Attachments > Rapid Fire > Thermal on it.

On top of that, I'm not a very good quickscoper...
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