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Originally Posted by apecush View Post
Great, thanks. Around here, most places sell you a battery and include a core charge, refundable on the return of your old battery.

That is shady that places are trying to charge to recycle the battery. Nothing like encouraging people to dispose of hazardous material in landfills.
As far as I know, Sears did not charage me a core charge when I purchased the battery unless it is built into their price because there was no separate line item on the invoice. When I called Sears to recycle the battery, they didn't even know that I had bought a Die Hard battery since I called a different store. They said it didn't matter if I bought a battery from them or not, just bring it down and they'll take it. They had me just drive right up to their battery replacement driveway, they unloaded the old battery from my trunk and I drove off without getting dirty.
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