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Originally Posted by Foolclear View Post
Went to the dealer after tmps comes on. The dealer fill air in tire said I'm good to go. Next day had a flat because it had a puncture in it that the dealer didn't check. Now out 500 bucks for new tire and any damage cause to rim. Complaint to bmwna said there nothing they can do.
I feel that the dealer should take some responsibly for not checking the tire properly and letting me go on a puncture which can cause major damage to my wheel.

Thoughts anyone
Ok first, if you did have a puncture and dealer didnt diagnose it properly thats one thing.

But how did you damage your rim? Did you drive on the tire when it was flat? if so, thats on you

Second, even if the dealer had diagnosed the puncture, you would have still been responsible to patch it or buy a new tire.

So what exactly are you expecting BMW NA to do for're just upset the dealer didnt catch the puncture, oh well shit happens...ANY tire shop could have caught it for $10 ..not even sure who takes their car to a "dealer" for a tmps light or tire issue? absurd

You, yourself should have monitored the tire once you knew you had a potential leak

I swear..doesnt anyone take responsibility for basic shit anymore? wow