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Would you be angry if I told you I broke the 11L/100km mark a few days ago? Got 10.8. The secret is to drive smooth. drive highway and leave buffer zones so you never have to break/accelerate much. slow is smooth and smooth is fast...and fuel efficient

Of course whenever I want to have some fun or blow someone away, it shatters my record instantly. I have real time mpg enabled now and it shows up as 30-40l/100km when you're accelerating! If I don't reset the fuel economy for 6months or so It's usually 12L. don't let anyone tell you that v8's aren't efficient. modern ones are

I also have dct which economy shifts for you if you don't mash it. I can't believe I'm actually getting the bottom limit of BMW's fuel consumption #s. They rate it at 10.5-15.5 highway/city. I thought manufacturers always lied on these, buts its legit.
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