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Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
Bump for an update. I have played with the settings a bit.

I ran rec'd settings, R: 6/9 C: 6/6, and found it had a little understeer on corner entry and mid corner. This is with -2.5 camber and 0 toe.

I softened front rebound to 9, to make it R: 9/9 C: 6/6, and it noticeably worsened the understeer. It made the car push bad with my setup and driving style (295/265 AD08).

Returning to the rec'd settings cured the understeer (mostly). I then stiffened front rebound 2 clicks to see if that would completely eliminate understeer, and did not notice a substantial difference between rec'd settings and R: 4/9 C: 6/6. I am now back to the rec'd settings.

It is my thinking that the stagger I have is causing my understeer issues, which should be cured by my new 18x10 275/275 conti slick setup. I will report back after testing. I will say that even though the car understeers some, it drives amazingly on track and is much more planted than stock. My 2c.

Edit: I would like to get input from other KW CS drivers, perhaps there is something I'm missing that is causing mild/moderate entry/mid corner understeer. I read JAJ's post(s) many times and I know he was pleased with R: 11/11. I don't know if the difference is stock PS2 vs. wider AD08, or driving style, or some other factor. More knowledgable folks please chime in.
Perhaps this chart will help:

The most effective way of solving mid-corner understeer is going to a staggered set up, which you are already doing.

I would not directly apply one car's 'optimal' setting to another car because there are too many variables. The driver, tires, wheels, suspension set up, race track... all completely different.
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