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where are you going to get winter tires mounted?

Hey guys,

in the past few winters I've alway went to the dealership to get my winter tires mounted. I don't have seperate wheels and have to swap them on my current wheels every year.

Anyways, I think BMW Alexandria charged me in the neighborhood of $35 per corner.

I called J&F they quoted me $72 per corner. Where are you Arlington/Alexandria owners going?

Incidentally, J&F quoted me $120 for labor for an oil change. Earlier in the year, they quoted me $60 for labor, but they said they'll have to spend more time due to the electronic dipstick, and $60 was for E46 M3s. Obviously, given the oil change kit itself cost $160 and the full change at the BMW Alexandria costing $245 (including oil and filter and misc parts) I also need a good indy BMW shop that can change my oil in the neighborhood of $60 labor. though the $85 ($245 - $160)of labor at BMW Alexandria isn't bad considering they also give me a loaner.