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Originally Posted by apecush View Post
I'd be concerned it is too much. Too much torque is as bad as too little. You can deform the holes on the wheel and/or cause plastic deformation and fatigue cracking of the bolts, something you won't be able to detect until your bolts begin to randomly pop off. Get a torque wrench, they're not expensive. Use a rattle gun at your own expense - their use can lead to cracked bolts as well.

Breaker bar on a 1/2" socket wrench to loosen
1/2" socket wrench to tighten when the wheel is un-weighted
Torque wrench to tighten when the wheel is weighted, and after 100 miles of driving.
Thanks for the advice. I'll plan on picking one up and re-tightening them.

What's the recommended ft-lbs? In the manual, I assume.