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I'd be concerned it is too much. Too much torque is as bad as too little. You can deform the holes on the wheel and/or cause plastic deformation and fatigue cracking of the bolts, something you won't be able to detect until your bolts begin to randomly pop off. Get a torque wrench, they're not expensive. Use a rattle gun at your own expense - their use can lead to cracked bolts as well.

Breaker bar on a 1/2" socket wrench to loosen
1/2" socket wrench to tighten when the wheel is un-weighted
Torque wrench to tighten when the wheel is weighted, and after 100 miles of driving.

As far as the pucks go, that's a good solution by the OP. I just use a full puck between the plastic jack point and the jack. Distributes the weight evenly about the jack point and hasn't caused any deformation of the plastic jack points.
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