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Why purchase a special edition - Lime Rock in my case?

Of the new M3's available close by - around 10 cars - this one looked the best in my eyes.

Exhaust, orange paint, black wheels, black grilles, nav, sound + no sunroof
was as close as I could get option-wise w/o having to wait.

The performance of DCT sealed the deal after a test drive!

Is the car going to be worth more? Probably not. I bought the car to drive, not to sell.

I do like the exclusivity of the 200 total + not seeing many fire orange BMW's.
The DTM Edition would not have been in the running looks wise for me.

Was a member of the NSXCA (NSX Club of America) + looking forward to meeting other owners & learning more about the M3.
For me it's another benefit of ownership.

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