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Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Do you have wheel clearance info for the E9x m3 application? I'm running 10.5" ET20 up front and the rim clears the stock strut by a couple millimeters. I'm looking for an aftermarket coilover that'll also clear without spacers.

The RS1 is ~5mm smaller in overall diameter so that equals to more room for the wheel/tire.

Originally Posted by M3SQRD View Post
The location of the lower spring mount/collar sits up higher on the RS1 (damper body isn't as short as some other aftermarket dampers). I had clearance issues with my old damper setup but I'd have no problem now running a 10"et25 with a 275 tire - I can measure my current gap with a 9.5et23 but it's significant!

@kaiv - the delta backspacing between your 10.5et20 and a 10et25 is ~0.05", and between my 9.5et23 is ~0.38". There's ~0.5" of clearance but I can easily verify...
JRZ also offers the RS1 as a fix height system so the overall dimensions of the front strut is kept as close to OE as possible.

If a longer static height spring is used there still can be wheel/tire clearance issues with the collar/lower spring perch.