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Originally Posted by M3forMe View Post
Just sold a 2012 GT500 and bought a 2013 M3.

Completely different cars. Here are the biggest differences and would be happy to talk live if you want more info PM me.

1. GT500 - Raw power, very quick and super fast - in a straight line
1a. M3 - slower on the power. Not as "snappy". Way more controlled.
2. GT500 - handling is horrible. Needs $1000 worth of suspension before you can even drive it. It is called wheel hop. Do your research.
2a. M3 - well I guess this is a no brainer. Race car out of the box.
3. GT500 - Almost scary to drive and will bite you if you do not know what you are doing. Almost have to drive on edge until you learn the car.
3a. M3 - Way more fun to drive and you know the car can handle anything, within reason, that you throw at it.
4. GT500 - Interior and appointments are, well, it is a $50K Ford muscle car. You get what you pay for.
4a M3 - It is like a luxury race car. Can take it out on a date dressed up and feel good about it.

Hope that helped. Go borrow one for a day and you will be over the power, speed and G's in a straight line.
Race car out of the box that weighs 3700lbs?

OP, go out and drive a GT500. Its a fun car and handles fairly well. I drove one but didnt get to beat up on it too much. One HUGE stink is its weight. You can feel it. Since im on couple Mustang forums there are starting to have clutch problems(stock ones). Ppl that track them hate the brakes after about two laps. So if you're into track or mountain back roads or cornering at all you have to consider its weight and brakes.

If i were you and could afford a C6Z06 with Z07 package(ZR1 brakes and magnetic ride control) thats the car i'd get. There is just something about a car that weighs less than 3200lbs. Its hard to explain but go out and find one and drive it.

Good luck.